At Zhao Law Professional Corporation, whether the real estate is your home, investment property or commercial use we can help you. We provide the following services:

• Residential Property Purchase / Sale / Refinance

 Commercial Property Purchase / Sale / Refinance

 Commercial Lease

 Tax Rebates

Residential Real Estate

Purchase a home may often be the single biggest purchase that a person makes in their life time, therefore it is our highest priority to ensure that each transaction is handled with individualized care and attention. Our main focus is on protecting our clients’ rights and interests leading up to, and beyond the closing date.

Commercial Real Estate

Navigating through contracts, regulations and by-laws may be challenging and time consuming. Whether it be an office space, retail space, or industrial building we have the experience and expertise to advise and guide you through the process. Our services does not end on the closing date, if any disputes arise due to property defects post-closing and breaches of agreements, we will work with you base on the situation to seek the most favorable outcome and resolution accordingly.


Different businesses will have different legal needs at Zhao Law Professional Corporation, we provide a wide range of legal service to businesses of all sizes. We also aim to develop close business and personal relationships with all of our clients as we aim to provide any legal support for their business ventures throughout the years.

We provide the following services:

• Acquisitions / Merger

 Business Purchase / Sale

 Share Purchase / Sale


 Shareholder agreement

 Corporate Filing / Resolution / By-law

 Corporate Legal Counsel


At Zhao Law Professional Corporation, we aim to providing our client personal legal services to protect their rights and interests.



 Separation and Divorce

 Power of Attorney (POA)


We also provide general legal services.




 Document Review

 Independent Legal Advice

Please give us a call if service is not listed above.