Frequently Asked Questions

Purchase: On closing date we advise our clients to call their utility companies to open an account.   Sale: We suggest that two weeks before the closing date. Give your utility companies a call to obtain the final bill and advise them of your closing date. They should provide the final amount that you owe for the period that you still responsible for the property.
If you have any questions about your transactions, we will be more than happy to answer them. Sometime our phone line may be a bit busy and unable to pick up the phone. For the most efficient and quickest response please email us your question at
Contacting a lawyer / law firm early in a transaction can help protect you and your interest. The lawyer will help advise you about
Communication is key between the client and our attorney, we understand that clients worry and would like to understand everything that happens with their case at all times. Although we would like to talk to our clients daily but that would be neither practical nor productive.
All of our clients' information is kept with absolute confidentiality.


These are for references only, not legal advice. For more information, please contact us.
Land Transfer Tax (LTT) / Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT):

Non-Resident Speculation
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